Embossing can enhance most any paper or leather product such as, Greeting Cards, Announcements, Business Cards, Diploma Covers, Pocket Folders and ect., with a striking 3-D demendional image. 

Combo Foild Dies

Combo foil stamping takes the process one step further to create a rich embellishment, by Hot Stamping gold or variety of colors and special effect foil to create a dazzling effect. Why run two passes when you can Emboss and Foil Stamp all in one pass.

Brass & Copper Flat Dies

The flat stamp die is a popular kind of foil stamp in use as it is relatively simple and much more cost effective than other types of foil stamping dies. In flat stamping, the foil is transferred onto the substrate using a flat stamp that is generally a brass or copper die.

We mold our counters using the highest quality materials, Insuring you get the most out of the counter. With our counters you will get more run time on the press, and a better impression.


Relieved Counters,

Relieved Counters are used on Emboss and Deboss dies. We look at each job and take special interest into relieving each counter to insure you get the most out of your die. We have a variety of different ththickness counters to choose from to meet your needs. .060 .040 .030

When running a job multiple up on the press, you can save by using dupe dies. A master mat is molded from the original die, then we use the mat to mold dupes. The dupes are very durable and you can get many impressions from a dupe. However, they do not have the heat transfer quality of a brass die. We use the highest quality material possable when making our Mats and Dupes.

Steel Engraved Dies.

We now offer .500'' thick steel engraved dies. Etched single level or multi levels and also sculpted. 

If you have a die thats been dinged, nicked, or slightly smashed, we can usually fix them for you for a fraction of the price of a new die.

( Call with Details)

New counters can be made on emboss dies and some combo dies depending on the ammount of fine detail.