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When you want the best money can buy, look no further! Were a family owned and operated business in Eastern Kansas. We have combined old skills with new technology. From the CNC mill to hand sculptured dies. Providing the highest quality in the trade.

Padded Cover Brass Emboss Die
Brass EmbossDie
Midwest Engraving CNC Mill


Your outstanding die work has helped out our publications tremendously- Thanks again for all of your fine work and effort. Best wishes from the Author and Publisher.

Steve Fjestad


JOSTENS recently celebrated a successful school year delivering season and plant consolidation by giving each of their employees a "CELEBRATE"  T-shirt. These shirts were designed especially to thank the employees for a job well done. Due to your companies' partnership with Jostens we would also like to present you with a T-shirt to show our appreciation for your participation in a great year!!

Thanks again,



Bill senior was a former Hallmark engraver who was here when Hallmark was building a strong engraving department. He has subsequently trained his staff to the same high level of detail and execution that he displayed here. Midwest was a preferred vender for all dies as it pertained to quality and execution. They consistently out performed when it came to cost with quality, and turn around time, (they often cut dies faster than our estimated time and lowered our cost while still maintaining the high quality) They are flexible and open to new looks and techniques and often went the extra mile for us in order to achieve that, and to meet our deadlines. We never had anything re-worked or adjusted after die delivery-they knew what it took to do the job right the first time. They were a pleasure to work with, delivered on time, and helped us by having their drop off/ pickup here at our corporate location. There were no concerns on any die work we sent them, they simple were the best and you could count on them.


Robert Hurlburt 

I wanted to write you and express my thanks for the dies you contributed towards our new MODERNISTIC, INC. Promotional pocket folder. We appreciate the business partnership that we have with your company. I have enclosed a sample of our new pocket folder (BLACK) that was produced for our Graphics group. Also I enclosed a pocket folder that we produced last year for our Print Finishing group.

Thanks again!!

Deb Olson

Dear Bill,

Thank you, and anyone who assisted, very much for the brass medallion you made for the Twin Rivers District Klondike Derby. The Derby went off as scheduled on January 20. We had the authentic bonus of snow on the ground with more falling during the Derby itself. Some 40-50 scouts participated, and they had a great time while learning GPS.

My metal detecting event was a big hit with the boys. It was fun to here the whoops and hollers when they found the medallion.

Thank you again for helping to make this event special for the boys.


Ed Stewart

Troop 105, BSA

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